We offer several massage therapies which contribute to relaxation, mental well-being, circulation, pre-natal care, and the body's natural healing ability. Want to enjoy a massage with someone special? Enjoy our Couples Massage.


Deep Tissue
Prenatal Massage
Couples Massage
Hot Stone
Reflexology - Acupressure - Jin Shin Do

Massage Therapy

This treatment targets your body’s key pressure points. You'll feel relaxed, pampered and at peace.
Half Hour Relaxing Massage $60
One Hour $80
Therapeutic Massage $90
One and Half Hour $125
Deep Tissue  
Targeted treatment on specific issues for pain and tension; soothes sore, tight and tired muscles.
One Hour Deep Tissue $105
One and Half Hour $155
Prenatal Massage  
A healthy and relaxing massage during the course of normal to low-risk pregnancy. Techniques are adapted to the specific needs of pre or postnatal Mothers, by experienced and specifically trained therapists. Please check with your Doctor if prior to the second trimester.
One Hour Pregnancy Massage $90
Couples Massage  
Enjoy your massage with someone special.
One Hour Massage $160
Hot Stone  
Smooth river stones are placed under and on the body to open the body’s energy centers. Then a slow, deeply warming and penetrating massage is performed with heated stones.
One Hour Hot Stone $105
Seventy-five Minutes $130
A Japanese technique for the reduction of stress, promoting relaxation and healing.
One Hour Reiki $70
Reflexology - Acupoint - Jin Shin Do  
Experience the ancient art of foot massage; focuses on reflex points improving circulation and well-being.
One Half Hour Feet/Hands $60
One Hour Feet/ Hands (w/aromatherapy foot bath) $90
Jin Shin Do/ Whole Body Acupressure 60 - 90 minutes $70
Whole body acupuncture to encourage the body to promote its own natural healing ability.
Physician's Acupuncture from $75